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Poetry competition: Eketahuna – my town

August 28, 2015

Eketahuna – my town

Aww, that’s a great idea,

A poem I will create

About the area I live in and love

While I’ve still got my mental state.


I could mention the bush and the bird life,

And the beauty of the snow capped ranges.

And not mention the north west wind and

And the rain that comes in sideways.eketahuna location on map


How blessed we are in a southerly,

How Masterton is far worse off than you

Unless you happen to be standing in Main Street

Where the wind is cold enough to freeze

Certain parts of you anatomy blue.

Like your fingers and toes

Your ears and your nose.


In summer it gets so hot and dry

A week without rain is a drought

That’s enough for the TDC to say

‘fire restrictions’ and to turn off the water

Off from your spout.


But it’s the people that makes this place special,

Young and old, quirky and strange, jolly and caring

And all know your name,

So the point is, if you are feeling lonely

Or just ‘out of sorts’ for the day


Take a stroll down Main street

With the cold wind blowing up your back

And someone will always say

‘hello’, ‘good morning’, ‘how are you?’

And you know you’re on the right track.


Actually I’m not sure that this a poem,

I think they are supposed to rhyme

I just know there is only one word

For this place

The people are simply “SUBLIME”


Jane Goddard

(A senior person!)



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