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Poetry competition: Eketahuna!

August 28, 2015

When travelling down state highway 2

It will surprise you, the things to do.

A place to stop, later or sooner

Yes, I’m talking about Eketahuna

There’s trendy shops to browse or buy

Hungry or thirsty? Then our cafes you should try.

If you’re needing accommodation there is a great array,Eketahuna kiwi

Choose from BnB. Hotel, camping or farm stay.

Our sporting facilities put others to shame,

Bowling club, golf course, swimming baths and domain.

If it’s arts and crafts you’re looking for,

Our galleries always welcome you to their door.

For souvenirs, maps and local information,

The info centre is your destination.

Now getting into the wider area

Take a scenic drive to Putara and Nireaha

A visit to the area would not be complete

Without a Mount Bruce trip, it’s a real treat.

The model railway and farmhouse cheese

Is another attraction that’s sure to please.

Newman, Rongamai, Alfredton, Parkville

Hamua, Hukanui, Ihuraua, Hastwell

Are some of the places around our district

To see sheep and cattle or take a picnic.

The streams and rivers have great trout fishing

What about hunting, I hear you asking?

If deer or pig huntings where you get your thrills

Then take a hike into the Tararua hills.

See, there’s much to offer despite the rumour

Next time, ‘please’ don’t bypass



© Dara Robbie


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