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Poetry competition: Winners!

August 28, 2015

We have two winners this year, as judged by Tararua author Muriel Cowan – Karen Rees (Woodville) and Steven Clarkson (Taupo).  Congratulations to you both, your prizes are on the way to you!


Icy Cold Homes  (Winner)

Icy cold homes

Thawing at the day

Break new jewels to

String along wisdom inicy

Sections down the road.

Cracked glass

Drips to the sun

Sliding slowly down to

Snotty coughs.

Misted windows show

Happy faces drawn

Melted to fungus rugs.


© Karen Rees


Four Individual Haiku (Winner)

winter revel

taste of the Caribbean

under a brolly


spring shoots

the constant judgment

of clocks


new born daisies

running like

a child


first blossoms

following telephone calls

down the road


© Steven Clarkson (2015)


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