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How can you find out what DVDs we have?

September 11, 2015

DVD advertisementDid you know the library has 1,025 DVDs in our collection so far, which we lend to members for a small fee.  If you want to find out what movies we have, there are two simple ways to find out using our catalogue.  You don’t have to log in or be a library member to search.

If you know what you want –  use our online catalogue (see Search Library Catalogue “Click here to access the On-Line Catalogue” link along right hand side roll). Now type in the movie name plus DVD afterwards.  You can also search for actors names.  For example,  Titanic DVD, or Cate Blanchett DVD.

If you want to browse what we have – from the online catalogue,  on the top left above the Login box, click on OPAC search.  Now, under Search you’ll see Reading Lists. Click on that. Now you can click on either RL:DVDs  or RL:DVDs Children’s to see a list of all the DVDs we have. Click on the Next button at top to move through the pages.   If you log in to the online catalogue, you can also reserve items from here (remember, that means we’ll send the DVD to your library branch for an extra $1 fee).

Got an idea?   We take suggestions for purchase for books and DVDs, so if you have an idea, fill out the Purchase Suggestions tab on this blog.Reading lists

Happy watching!


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