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Poetry competition: Hedgehog Payback

September 18, 2015

Many of our entrants in the 2015 competition (now closed) submitted several entries, and they are too good to not share, so enjoy!



Saw a little hedgehog in the middle of the road

Now that is strange, the sun is hot

You don’t sunbathe, under the hedges is your abode

It must be hurt the poor little thing

Had a brush with a car last night me thinks

Gently I picked it up and yuck!

Nearly threw it down into the muck.

Oh yes you can guess the awful stuffhedgehog

of stink and wee on my clean fingers

Quickly I put it under the bushes

Very much alive it crawled

under the hedges to hide.

Ha! ha! what a price to pay

For a good deed done that day

I am sure it wasn’t intentional

Traumas can trigger the most unconventional.


© Nancy Bryne (2015)



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