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Poetry competition: Lemon Bitters

September 23, 2015

And the final publication for the 2015 poetry competition,  a poem by one of our two winners, Karen Rees, whose entry ‘Icy Cold Homes’ won.most popular

PS: this poem received the most hits on our blog, from all the poems published this year!


Lemon Bitters


Curled in timeless fluff of sodden stink the woman, too old for comfort,

Lies like a lemon, bitter and yellow, with sweet flesh rotting.

Smiles. ‘The flowers are nice, put them there’ –

No more for me stinks the old woman bitter in her dreams.old woman face

‘I want a bottle’ she whines whimpering in her age.

The son sits shining red, his face a mortal glow.

The lemon lady lies again ‘Do you know – what it’s like –

This stark sanitary box of white washer women and fever?’

Alarums. Rushing rivers of stink. The son sinks lower

In his redness. A bottle to fill, a mouth to scratch,

A tear to cool the red; a lemon to bitter her soul.


© Karen Rees (2015)




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