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Time to spring clean your self? STOP and restart!

October 1, 2015

Have you got a habit you wish you didn’t have?  Like too much gaming, internet, television, alcohol, exercise, sugar, chocolate, gossiping, being messy, texting during meetings, nail biting, talking, binge eating – the list is endless really, isn’t it.  No one is perfect after all.

Let’s all support those participating in Stoptober (30 days to quit smoking) and try to give up our own addictions this Spring as well.

One of our most highly recommended books is “Stop smoking with CBT : the most powerful way to beat your addiction / Dr Max Pemberton” by a doctor who cured himself with a new method. There are other books about ceasing smoking  or substance abuse  or breaking habits .  Good luck with your efforts, and remember…


It’s the thing you crave
When it’s all too much
Different for everyone
Their sweet release
Could be a person, place, or thingdon't judge
Makes it all go away
The stress of the day
Weeks, months, years
You never know what’s going on
In people’s hidden lives
They deal in different ways
Who are we to judge? To have a say?

by Kelsey





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