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‘Disappearing world’ disappointing

October 12, 2015

You’d think that with a title like “Disappearing world : the Earth’s most extraordinary and endangered places” by Alonzo Addison,  this book would have been fascinating.  As an overall subject this book is unique and interesting and the information and knowledge included is excellent, but as a read, I found it boring with a capital BORE.

This book really, really, really tries to tell us of the importance of these places both culturally and historically. But, to be honest, this book would have more success in cutting down the number of subjects and include more information on each of those.

As a person who has a total interest in this subject, even I was thinking by the end “why save them?” Anyone who picks up this book is, I believe, wanting to know why these places are unique and why we should save them – looking for that entire arm waving, placard hoisting information that calls people to arms.

Unfortunately, the messages this book imparted to me were; humans suck at running the world and haven’t got any better (any Greenpeace pamphlet can tell you that) ; the world is coming to an end and we will lose these treasures (cue the scientists); we really haven’t tried enough and never will get it right (hi the doomsayers) without money (the capitalist and economist club). That’s not what I wanted to read about!

This book is like the Titanic or a rare fine wine, a little late and historically boring, we are left with a wreck or a glass of vinegar. As always this is totally my opinion and I’m willing to be proved wrong.


Something to ease the blow:


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