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How weird are your sisters?

October 22, 2015

I am not a deep reader.  I dislike books with hidden depths, subtle meanings and sub-plots so delicately written I miss them altogether as I crash elephant-like through my reading. I love to read, to immerse myself in a well written story that grips me and leaves me smiling. I consider my reading material somewhat like a desert littered with lots of bodice rippers and dark brooding anti heroes.

weird sistersOccasionally I stumble upon an oasis of a book, so beautifully written and engaging that I forget I have the reading palette of a 16-year-old and fall into it whole heartedly. Don’t get me wrong, I cannot abide badly written prose and I’m sure I have waxed lyrical on  many occasions about poorly written book conversations, but I will turn again and again to a rollicking love story or gun blazing action book before thinking about reading a grown up book.

So it was when a very intelligent and well-read friend lent me a copy of “The Weird Sisters” by Eleanor Brown. It sat on my table for a week or two while I consumed the fluff I had borrowed from the library. When I deemed there was nothing else to read I picked it up, expecting a thoroughly grown up read way above my brain capacity. What I got was a wonderful story about three sisters, all with their characters and places in the world firmly written, drawn together at stages in their lives where disaster and disgrace pulled them home.

I have two sisters and I think Ms Brown may have spied upon us so recognisable were the characters. This book is a gentle flow through their lives, granting us a glimpse into their thoughts and desires. If you have a sister you will recognise the pull of jealousy, envy and even hate that touches our family relationships. The sisters have to accept the grown up changes in each other and come to an understanding about themselves and their place in the family.

I loved it, so much so that I consumed this book in one setting and when I closed the last page I stroked the cover in thanks for a good read. The bi-line on the cover sums it up perfectly –“See we love each other, we just don’t happen to like each other very much.” This is a grown up book, but there is no violence, gratuitous sex or gun battles, it is simply a window into the life of sisters and how they fit into the family and I am a happier sister for reading it.




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