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Forgotten words

November 24, 2015

Recently, the words “hashtag,” “selfie” and “tweep” were among 150 new words and definitions added to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, proof of how our culture continues to expand our communication.  The Oxford word of the year, isn’t even a word!

forgotten wordsStill, some old words deserve a bit more love. As part of its initiative to draw attention to some of the English language’s most expressive — yet regrettably neglected — words, Wayne State University has released its annual list of top 10 words that deserve to be used more often in conversation and prose.

If you agree, obambulate to the library and get some language books or dictionaries out – expand your vocabulary!  But if you think I’m talking flapdoodle, don’t bother.


Word Warrior’s Top 10 words to be revived for 2015:

Caterwaul: A shrill howling or wailing noise.

Concinnity: The skillful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something.

Flapdoodle: Nonsense.

Knavery: A roguish or mischievous act.

Melange: A mixture of different things.

Obambulate: To walk about.

Opsimath: A person who begins to learn or study only late in life.

Philistine: A person who is hostile or indifferent to culture and the arts, or who has no understanding of them.

Rapscallion: A mischievous person.
April Fools’ Day was better than Christmas for the young rapscallion.

Subtopia: Monotonous urban sprawl of standardised buildings.

(Source: Word Warrior’s 2015 Top 10)


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