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Like Jack Reacher? Meet Sam Dryden…

February 8, 2016

Sam Dryden has an amazing skill set due to his years as a member of a super-elite force that specialised in ‘acquiring’ people for the United States.  But that life is behind him now.  Or so he thinks. One evening, while out jogging, he literally bumps into eleven-year-old Rachel, who is running for her life.  A split-second decision turns Sam into her protector, as he saves her from Government forces targeting her for death.  It seems that Rachel was born and raised in captivity – her mother was part of a Government gene manipulation trial. But as Rachel was in-utero at the time, the effect on her was enhanced. Her abilities exceed those of her mother, or anyone else actually.

Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee

But all she can remember is being a prisoner for the past two months, where various people pumped her full of drugs and asked many questions. She has just escaped, having discovered her death was imminent.  The drugs in her system will block her memory for another week, but Sam and Rachel don’t have a week.  They have to find out right now why Rachel (and now Sam) are being hunted. And when they both find out…. well, let’s just say that Rachel isn’t who she thinks she is, and Sam soon has more than just the Government after him.

Sam Dryden and Reacher would get along pretty well I think.  Both skilled military men, tough but with good hearts, dragged into situations where they end up being the good ‘bad’ guy.  The author, Patrick Lee, has that knack of writing so convincingly that it’s like hearing Sam speak. I’m so glad that I happened across “Runner” and I can’t wait to get my hands on the second Dryden adventure ‘Only to die again’ (aka Signal).



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