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Why can’t you find that new title?

March 15, 2016

In May, we are switching to a new library management software system, which we are really excited about.  As we prepare for this, a couple of things may affect you :

Not all our ordered items are currently visible on the catalogue

If you’re looking for a new title on our system and you can’t find it, it doesn’t mean we haven’t ordered it.  Because of the transition, items we’re ordering between 1 March and 13 May are not going to show up in our catalogue. They’ll show up once they arrive, but before that, you won’t be able to put a reserve/hold on it yourself.  BUT the librarians can do that for you, using a secondary system.

change ahead roadsignSo, in other words, if you can’t find what you’re after online, please ask staff or email us.


Reading History

If you sign in online, you’ll know that you can see your loan history (the books you’ve borrowed). Because of the change-over, this list is going to be partially deleted, so only items issued from May 2013 will show up.  If this record is important to you, before the end of April 2016, please print out it out (right click, print) or copy your history by hand.


Library staff will be on stand-by to help our customers get used to the new online interface in May, so don’t worry about the new system. I guarantee you’re going to find using it enjoyable!




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