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THE ROUTE TO HAVELOCK – Poetry compt. entry 2016

July 17, 2016

The route to Havelock

 The route to Havelock’s festooned

with fleeting glimpses, haunting shreds.

In half a century this road’s

Become engraved with details of

Our lives: a picnic with our mum

by someone’s macrocarpa hedge;

the silver needle spied by Stew:

The spillway from our grandad’s dam;

The dairy factory at KukuKuku_Dairy_Factory_closeup

Where Dudley daily took his milk,

who went to war at just fifteen.

(They wouldn’t take the family horse.)

Here’s Con and Wendy’s wedding place,

Here’s his Centenary logo,

Here’s Josh’s corner, Will’s first job,

(Hitch-hiking weekly all that year,

Paekakariki to Potts Hill);

The fencepost snapped by Giles’s head.

The waving hands that used to hail

A traveller along the plain

Expunged now, tidied up and gone.


© Rozel Pharazyn (Woodville)


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