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CHRISTMAS EVE – Poetry compt. entry 2016

July 19, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

 Twas the night before Christmas,

In the darkness we made our camp,

Lighting the way with a single lamp,

The house has been empty six months or nigh,

And she gently, quietly let out a sigh.

Her new chimney decorated with lights over stone,

And beneath her stood a little tree all alone.chimney lights

Decorated with one heart and two pinecones,

She let out a sigh of relief in knowing that she won’t be empty, alone and bereft,

On the most special of nights,

In the pale moonlit lights,

She held us, tucked us gently,

A lady, a man and a little white dog quietly slept,

The memories of past Christmas in hearts safely kept.


© Lindy Campbell



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