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I HEAR YOUR FOOTSTEPS – poetry compt. entry 2016

July 19, 2016

I hear your footsteps, so faint

Like a feather hitting a soft red velvet pillow.

I hear them coming with a beating pulse no louder than an eyelash brushing your skin as you awaken.

'Flower In Baby Toes' by Augenwerke-Fotografie

‘Flower In Baby Toes’ by Augenwerke-Fotografie

The footsteps lightly sound, drumming as you grow, soft and hidden.

They have not touched the earth yet but your toes are like perfect pearls, pink and glowing.

I know you are coming, your presence loud but voice small.

Keep marching, coming forward , get stronger, get closer, keep marching.

We await you and we will breathe deeply once your feet wiggle and curl.


© Lindy Campbell


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