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THICK NOT STUPID – poetry compt. entry 2016

July 23, 2016


She’s thick as and disobedient , he knows that all too well ,

but she’s his bitch and he loves her , even though she gives him hell .

And she whimpers when she can’t see him , when he’s out of sight

and he curses her for snoring , every single night .

And when thunder’s rocking roundabouts , she always hear it first  ,Working_dog_edit

she’ll start her whingeing and her whining , that always wakes him

with a curse . “ What the hell , you crazy bitch , what’s been rarking you ? “

then she’ll try and snuggle her way onto his bed  a bed made for one not two .

He’ll be lying there pretending , that he’s gone back to sleep ,

then he’ll smell her breath , all stinky , panting warm against his cheek ,

then she’ll place one paw upon the bed and look him sadly in the eyes ,

he’ll weaken then and say to her , “ Ok , but just this time “.

Then a little bit later on down the track , he sees the flash , then hears the crack ,

as the thunder rolls around the hills and when it’s over and all is still ,

they’ll be lying there , then he’ll hear her sigh , he’ll think to himself

The cunning bitch I’ll bet she’s bloody smiling .  


© Hugh Wilson



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