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WHO IS THAT WOMAN IN THE MIRROR? – poetry compt. winner 2016

July 25, 2016

One of our two 2016 Poetry Competition Winners

‘Who is that Woman in the Mirror?’

Who is that woman who looks at me

That woman with now grey hair

Those wrinkles which suddenly appear

Who are you?

The mirror speaks

I am the wisdom of years

The inheritor of ancestry

The beginning of the future

I am laughter

and tears

The maker of dreams

The resolver of conflict

I am the very public

And very private servant

I am nurse and teacher

Gardener and writer

I am wife and mother

Grandmother and friend

I am your conscience

And your guardian

I have earned those wrinklesweird shit

That grey hair.

I am the past, present and future.

I am you.

And I’ve seen some weird shit.


©  Ann Chapman


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  1. Love it! Thank you for that 🙂


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