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WISDOM – poetry compt. entry 2016

July 27, 2016


I have a cat.

I belong to him,

He doesn’t care I’ve sold a book –

my thirty-seventh,

Or that an American anthology has taken a story,

Proclaimed it good and paid me well.

I am HIS human,

That’s the important thing.

Where the money comes from doesn’t matter –

So long as it buys food for both of us.

So long as he can sleep,

well warmed against my back on chilly nights.

Demand attention as I type and get it – RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!


He doesn’t care my shape is sacklike, or that I’ll be –loving cat

seventy-one in April of next year.

He doesn’t care if readers know me.

HE knows me –

isn’t that enough and more –

for any human?


He accepts my human failings. I can’t catch mice,

and sometimes when he howls, I’m slow with food,

and THEN I complain about the noise.

How else is a fellow supposed to get his point across?

But I’m HIS human –

so he forgives me.


Love makes us both belong together, he announces with his voice and eyes.

I’m only a foolish human, but – I do know THAT –

which makes me wise!


© Lyn McConchie


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