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UNREQUITED LOVE – poetry compt. entry 2016

July 29, 2016

Unrequited Love

One can feel guilty if they know they are the object of another’s desire

Even though there is no rule

No law

That states

“He who loves you

You must love in return”

You cannot force yourself to have feelings for someone you do not attain


But yet

You do not want to let the other down

You do not want to be the cause of their pain



Let me tell you this my sweet

Put your weary mind at ease

There is no need to feel guilty


It is not your fault you do not possess the same feelingsunrequited love

Nor is it theirs for falling for a darling man like yourself

No one is to blame

You cannot control who you fall in love with

Who you give your heart to

Life would be so much more simple if we could

How I wish it were true

But there is no point dwelling on something that is merely a dream


©  Willa Woodhouse




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