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THE END – poetry compt. entry 2016

August 5, 2016

the end

i was still warm. you ran your hand through your hair, said, i’m sorry. i felt my breath

stop and catch in my lungs. stuck, i stood there crying on your shirt until you pushed

me away softly. when i looked up again, the clouds were rushing past like ghosts and

the city couldn’t love me anymore. you didn’t take my hand and instead whispered,

let’s get you home. the wind gave my cheeks a final brush of red before going quiet

like everything else.


you didn’t look back and i began looking for the signs. i closed my eyes and prayed to sad under moonlight

the moon and begged her to take me away. she said i would have to take the piercings

out my ears and the white noise out of my heart and then i would be able to find old

me again. i told her all i could hear was your voice and nothing else. when i opened

my eyes, she was already shaking her head and saying goodbye. too tired to do

anything else, i watched the stars move on without me.


© Emma Shi



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