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THE GREAT OCEAN – poetry compt. entry 2016

August 9, 2016

The great ocean

Quiet in the morning with the day unwritten

And the dawn strangled by cloud,

Lacking caffeine, vitality,

And the keys too loud against the attenuated light outside,

There the wind and rain fight over the few scraps of attention

I can bring to bear,

There the great ocean looming through the glass,

To swallow fear and hope in the same tide.


Among the rocks a small note of discord,

Tearing holes in time which I can’t afford to ignore but neither can I find.

Why have you abandoned me to these modern miracles?

When if given the choice I would drown,

Or at least slip down into some sort of oblivious dream,

Leaving the tyranny of my screen to the gulls.

Their sharp cry is a clarion call to abandon

Such sedentary folly,Businessman Using a Laptop Computer by the Sea

Or at least to dress, breakfast, and join the thick press of demands ahead.

I tap on instead.


© James McGoram



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