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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – poetry compt. entry 2016

August 11, 2016

Beauty and the beast

Her face, so innocent. Her words, so sweet

She’ll have you smothered in deceit

Watch her move, watch her sway

You’ll find you are the perfect prey


Her smell so inviting, her touch, so pure

She’ll only make you crave for more

©2008-2016 elfgrlshizuka

©2008-2016 elfgrlshizuka

Watch her laugh, watch her cry

You’ve come too far to say goodbye


Her mind, so complex, her fire, so bright

She’ll cause the pain and bring the fight.

Watch her smile, watch her taunt

You’ll question, whats behind those walls?


Her face, so innocent. Her words, so sweet.

She’ll eat you up within a week.

Watch her hunt, then watch her feast,

Behind the beauty lies a beast.


© Lois Westerman



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