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TO DO – poetry compt. entry 2016

August 15, 2016

To Do

I sat on the edge of the bed

The pillow stood up

Notepad in hand

“What flavour Time Fritter will it be today?

You can have dream flavoured

Height flavoured


There’s amble flavouredge of bed. jpg

Thought flavour

How about space?

Go matrix! Go 3D!”

I yawned

“On special is staring

With a side of zone out

Or procrastination


Writing flavoured goes well with a glass of doodle

People can choose between three sizes of Mind

A small thought, medium worry or large of angst

How on edge would you like to get?”

He sat there waiting for me to make a decision

“Pardon me, Pillow, I don’t mean to fritter your time

But I’ll pass on a Time Fritter

And just take a nap”


©  Phoebe Hinchliff



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