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MAKING WALLS – poetry compt. entry 2016

August 17, 2016

Making Walls

The hardest thing

To comprehend

Was that despite all odds

We’d never be that great love story.

Though there was a time

I was so sure.


Never thought we’d let

Each other slip away

Like water down the drain.

Into different paths

In different directions

In different towns.


Sometimes I think

of what a tragedy it is

for us to build towers so tall,

that we couldn’t see.

That it was not a home

but a barrier of walls.

Stacked so high with bricks.

With my weakened state and

feeble limbs

I could not crack

Nor chip away

At aggregates and paste

to see even the slightest trace

of light.


Instead of fighting

With power tools and strength

We stepped back

Arched our heads to the sky

And thought,colloseum

Even in a time when all we had

was art and dreams,

We were still able

to construct our



© Tessa Calogaras


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