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A SUBURBAN SUNDAY EVENING – poetry compt. 2016

August 24, 2016


In the soft, dark light of the cosy cottage

Four faces gleam which in the bright light of day

Display middle-age jowls, crinkly eyelids

With edgings fraying into ravines, and now

They become exquisitely beautiful

Fullness of face has gone

Smiling couples toasting wine glasses at dining room table






Ah, youth has returned as we laugh and

Talk of the news, the missing plane

Innocent people killed in France

Then to music, family, work, cooking

Books and favourite writers


We eat cannelloni with spinach salad

Salty, crisp olive bread, drink red and white wine

As we listen to the Ave Maria with Kiri


Age will return tomorrow at the office desks

In the silvery blazing light of neon tubes.


© Isha Wagner


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