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A WOMAN – poetry compt. entry 2016

August 25, 2016

A woman

She hurts.

In fullness, unexpectedly, deeply.

Heart crashing violently, painfully beating.

Aches flood her soul.

Spilling out, soaking the air garnished with guilt.

Thorns, rainclouds

Tired, withered and shaking.

A frown.


She falls.

Slowly, quietly, almost invisibly, to a trembling earth.

Breathing cold air.

Tears precede her.

Warm, salty droplets of hurt unexplainable.woman

Silent pain, she hides being her curled lips.

A mask.


She tries.

Strength, hope, promise

in daisy chains, the sliver of moon.

The uncertainty in her trail.

A steep winding pathway.

Canvas for tomorrow.

Laughter throughout seasons.

Exhausted sighs.

A smile.


She loves.

Energy, trust, light

Cool spring subsets, glistening waves.

Passion in her arms

holding  tight to conviction.

For leaf cover

Blending palettes.

Souls on fire.

A kiss.


She lives.

Loudly, happily, vigorously

Endless shores, cleansing impressions.

Excitement of dreams

creating tides like wishes.

Unfurling blossoms.

Beautifully awakened.

A woman.


© Fay Nicholls



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