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AGE – poetry compt. entry 2016

August 25, 2016


I see you grow older each day,

and my heart hurts more each day.

You complain of pain,

and I look up helplessly,

asking out of genuine concern,

which I once dismissed your every complaints,

thinking it as a rant.daughter-holding-fathers-hands

The first time you told me,

I think you are the closest to me out of all three of you.

That filled my heart with so much warmth,

yet so much pain.

It is true I guess,

the one who loves you the most,

will also hurt you the most.

I want you here,

no matter how greedy and selfish I sound right now.

I’ll try to always keep it a reminder,

to appreciate every day with you.

It’s starting to feel lonely,

each day I don’t have a conversation with you,

because I’m busy with school and work.

But that’s no excuse,

it shouldn’t be an excuse.

I’ll make it a point. I promise.

I promise, with all my heart.


© Myra Ong



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