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CALL OF THE NORTHERN STAR – poetry compt. entry 2016

August 25, 2016

Call of the Northern Star


I asked the universe – if my timing is limited

what use is the dust? Shouldn’t I bloom, like a flower,

that lives for a very short season, if cut? Bloom

to transgress into indefinite moments – its beauty, unnecessary.


If I evaporate, what use are you, my daydream? northern star

Shouldn’t it all just transpire, caught in time,

a time that’s neither mine, nor yours…

caught out like that, a joker’s pick for the month.


And yet…and yet…when the lights run like this,

from left to right, and north to south,

we are almost there – that vision, to stretch out to,

with our cold little fingers.


© Polina Kouzminova


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