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A SUNSET AT THE BEACH – Winner poetry compt. 2016

August 30, 2016

A sunset at the beach

Wave battalions mass beneath

a sky gun-metal grey.

Evidential driftwood lines the sand

and weathered shacks perch shag-like

in the dunes. On the slopes above


One of our two winners!

an ever-growing brood of carrion,

the bunkered glass of careless city wealth,

overlooks the jumble near the shore.

As winter closes in, these empty shells

bear blind witness to the last days of an age

of make-do cladding, wonky window frames,

corrugated tanks to catch the rain —

sand-castle aspirations native to a simpler past,

wind-torn relics now, near the end

of many bracing days


To the west, beyond the breakers,

harlot streaks of red count down to night

indifferent, frayed and gaudy,

fleeting in their charm.


© Tony Chapelle

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