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September 9, 2016

Our competition has finished for this year, but there are still poems we haven’t published so we begin again…!


such flambe from their ego trumpet

demanding classier victims

a sick banquet with icing

canned applause trickling sides

audience carried with them like takeaway coffee

a truckload of dense heat


boiling toffee eyes

as if sugar could kill vampires

their murderous dishes

cooked like methamphetamine for stupidity

slugs of lazy hatred their lap dogs


how do they appear attractive at first like a prize?

do I relive a drastic childhood and try to improve it?

re-doing floral arrangements with nothing to add

then walking into walls of each other and apologising


what motivates anyone to dress up that bait?

me lost in workmanship then stepping back to realise

nobody who loves me sets out to ruin for fun

some people empty like drum kits without a musician


horrible toys set up inside the fridge – a flatmate’s joke

or a lost child hiding under any bed from a beating

but remember the song you loved and how it took you

knowing every word even when your head clanged

lucky someone out there did say to ring any time

the call and feeling too small for such a huge message


© Raewyn Alexander



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