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Home schooling help for reading and maths!

September 10, 2016

Literacy and Maths Online NZ provides NZ families with access to reading and maths web programs that are proven to be of great benefit to struggling learners – or those at any level of learning who want to improve.  Although not free, these are school quality internet programs that are used by many NZ schools and can also be used at home by families who may not have access to them at school.  As these programs are not available for individual purchase, Literacy and Maths Online provides the only way that students whose schools (or learning centres) don’t purchase the program will have to use them.

Students using this service are monitored and emailed helpful progress information and help by a qualified teacher – making this a very cost effective option for those who may find one to one tutoring to be beyond their budget – or those who want to have unlimited practice time at home. 

 Those who enrol can use the programs from anywhere with reliable internet.  The programs run from web browsers and don’t require installation.  Or they can be installed on library computers for the public to access the program even more easily from computers there if they don’t have internet at home – which reduces the demand on internet traffic and gives desktop icons to open the programs from.

 You can learn more about the service and prices on the website


reading, writing and arithmeticThere are other free resources available online such as on the for parents page which has ideas to help with reading and writing for all age levels.

Remember that all our libraries run ‘Maths is Fun’ programmes during the October school holidays. Facilitated by Tararua and Wairarapa REAP, our libraries provide the venue for this free numerical literacy programme for school Year 1 to Year 8.  The children learn to enjoy maths by applying it to create and have fun.  Age groups are separated into two age-appropriate separate sessions each.  Places strictly limited so keep an eye on our Facebook page or Bush Telegraph for advertising around that.


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