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DISCOVERY – poetry compt. entry 2016

September 13, 2016



The stranger on the bus was bursting to enlighten me,

when she spied I was reading a book of modern poetry,

that her husband’s retirement was a burden, a weight

she hadn’t prepared for until far too late.


His presence under foot was preying on her mindwoman-reading-book-bus-young-smiling-67647484

till she googled the heck on her tablet to find

some projects to busy him, to counter her sadness.


Then she joined an online group, a virtual sisterhood

of women who write, marching fearlessly forward

into their third unshackled age, mining their own

lives onto the page, fashioning words to atone

for their guilt at moulding their husbands as guests

in their homes, for floating their own new interests.


Writing poems is fun, she said, showering me with gladness.


© Laurice Gilbert





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