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LAW SCHOOL AT NIGHT : poetry compt. entry 2016

September 29, 2016

Law School at Night

I want to be trapped behind these windows.

Amongst forgotten records,

With the scars and memories

Of those gone before me.

Who lost the good fight

And paid in time.


I want the certainty of streetlights.

Surveying the hidden few,

Who’ve found the unspoken recipe

For subjugation of self-narrative,

In our forgotten paradise.


I want the top floor.

Where well-dressed predators

Consider jumping out the windows

Just to experience, the perfect view.


I want to be seduced,

With red wine, blue cheese

And white lies.


I want to witness the judges

Judge the witnesses.


I want my own cliché


I want the scrutiny of many.

Who in search of potential

Plot the dreaded assimilation

Of my strengths and faults.


I want my faults


To live on the moisture of your tongue.

In your sinuses and sinews.

So you can taste what I speak.

In our banquet of shared experience.

Trapped behind these windows.


© Jordan Hamel


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