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SANDCASTLE CITY : poetry compt. entry 2016

October 11, 2016

Sandcastle City


The beach holds stories that are hidden,

In the footprints and trails that have once been in the sand,

Some forever held secret and forbidden,

A city born, if the owners, could claim back a bit of beach land.


A metropolis of sandcastles on the beach,

Aborigines, explorers, tourists and locals as dwellers,sandcastle-city

Pristine sea views all within reach,

Those who live here are happy fellers.


For some it’s their first return in centuries or years,

For a few, they won’t be back and their time is done,

Coz memories cause them pain and tears,

Many come here often for the sheer joy and fun.


Those who tread the beach years before,

In bathing caps and knee length bathers,

Can scarcely believe they’re here once more,

Changes abound from modern day surfboards to lifesavers.


Sometimes the beach attracts high class heels and dressed up dolls,

However most beachgoers are egalitarian whom you meet,

With steps taken in tramping boots and cushioned soles,

But mainly in thongs and by unclad feet.


There are languages aplenty as the beachgoers talk,

Some cannot leave footprints in the sand,

They’re for the time disabled or sick and cannot walk,

It’s a city diverse in the guys and gals on the land.



The distant lights of cargo ships light the night sky,

An extra twinkle for lovers in their sandcastle bed,

Either shacked up for a night and their lives seem a lie,

Or true to one another and they are or may be wed.


Council Officers often screen and patrol the beach,

Enforce signs limiting activities and stating what’s off bounds,

They’ll be onto you if you don’t comply, like a ready leech,

Scavenging seagulls are preferred to unleashed hounds.


Nature rules the beach, with seabirds galore,

They chirp and cheep, squawk and squeak,

And can be hard to hear above the ocean’s roar,

As the waves pound, the loudest shrill pales to weak.


The tide comes in, there’s relentless wind and rain,

Except for fresh seabird steps, the footprints are washed away,

The beach is more akin to nature and sandcastles don’t remain,

But the beach is still on the minds of many, every single day.


© Sheryll Mitchell


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