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My grandfather was a Nazi?!

October 21, 2016

If, like me, you still retain an interest in aspects of the Nazi 1000 Year Reich which, thank God, lasted only 10, you may find this book as compelling as I did.  ‘The Perfect Nazi’  by Martin P. Davidson tells the absolutely true story of one young German man who embraced Nazism and everything Adolf Hitler stood for, with extreme enthusiasm.

perfect-naziHe progressed through the 1920’s and 1930’s to become an officer of middle rank in first the SA and later the SS. What makes this book special is that is written by the SS officers grandson, a Scotsman and senior executive of the BBC, who always knew his maternal grandfather was German but knew almost nothing of his frightful life.

Martin Davidson, the grandson, decided to find out, once and for all, about his now deceased grandfather. And so he did. With considerable research, delving into the records, films, diaries etc. covering that dreadful two and a half decades of violence, hysteria, rhetoric, dictatorship, fear and loathsome anti-Semitism, resulting in the so called Final Solution, the whole brief history of Nazi Germany is laid open in the life of this one man. It is a searingly honest attempt to discover what motivated and to some extent explained the attitudes and behaviour of a very typical family man and SS officer. It paints a compelling picture of how Hitler and his ludicrous – where they were not horrifyingly criminal – ideas seduced a generation, enabling those ideas to be put speedily and efficiently onto action.

The Perfect Nazi is a compelling read and perhaps an eye opener for the younger reader for whom Hitler and the Second World War are just history.

– Larry Gordon


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