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What was Jack Reacher up to in 1996?

November 25, 2016

Jack Reacher is back and I for one am very happy. I am a diehard Lee Child fan and I eagerly await his latest release, in this series, every year.

night-schoolThis book is a prequel; usually I am a little wary of authors who start to write prequels, it smacks of a lack of imagination and a need to pad out a storyline for an easy buck.  There is method in Mr Child’s madness though. This is the 21st Reacher book and year on year our hero is getting older – we all still want the thinking man’s action packed story, but simple maths means that Reacher will not be as sprightly as in years past.  By setting this in an earlier stage of the characters life, we have a good action packed story that doesn’t detract from or change the history we share with the Reacher.

Set in 1996, I must admit I found it hard to reconcile the lack of knowledge of computers and the internet that the book portrays, in my memory we have always been computer savvy and I can’t believe that the year before my daughter was born we were quite so much on the back burner. Nothing detracts from a good Reacher novel though and this was a cracker. Mr Child is back on point and delivering a fast-paced original story. I must say that his story content has changed over time. There is a lot more personal involvement and some quite graphic adult storyline at one point. I was quite shocked where Mr Child led us, and I’m not completely sure it was necessary to the overall storyline but all in all this was a good read that I flew through in less than a weekend.

For all those Reacher diehards this is a keeper and for anyone who doesn’t know this brilliant anti-hero, start at the beginning and catch up. You will not be disappointed.

7/10 Corinna



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