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Review : Colonia

January 11, 2017


“Colonia is an R16 movie based on a true story set in ‘Colonia Dignidad’ in Columbia.  Colonia masqueraded as a religious cult operated by lay preacher Paul Schafer (Michael Nyqvist), but in actual fact, it was the prison of Pinochet’s secret police.

 Air hostess Lena (Emma Watson) and photographer Daniel (Daniel Bruhl) are a young couple in love, visiting Chile, when they get caught up in the Chilean military coup of 1973. When Daniel is arrested for taking photographs, Lena tracks him to Colonia and joins the cult to gain access to the compound.  She endures the strict conditions for many months before discovering what has become of Daniel, and eventually making contact with him.  They plot to escape, but their plans have to be advanced when Daniel is scheduled for execution.  You’ll have to watch it to see what happens next…

 I found this movie to be thrilling but also definitely a love story.  The relationship between Lena and Daniel is lovely to watch, woven between the action sequences.  I think it would appeal to both men and women, as it has something for everyone. It was also informative – I’d never heard of Colonia before.  Definitely worth a watch.



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