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What socks really think…

April 6, 2017

“Odd socks” by Michelle Robinson, is a picture book about Suki and Sosh, a pair of blue stripey socks. They live a happy life in the sock drawer, enjoy being worn on a nice pair of little feet, and have adventures like going down a slide, riding a scooter, and stomping around the beach. They even manage to stay together through the washing!

But one day, Sosh notices that his sock wife Suki has a little hole in her toe. Big Bob, the nasty winter sock, scares them with tales of socks going in the trash, and Sosh swears he will never part from Suki. But next day she has disappeared, so Sosh goes on a quest around the house to find her. What does he find? The family dog is running about with something blue in his mouth … is it Suki, or not?

This is a delightful story, with lovely illustrations. There is a touch of humour and whimsy, but also tension and adventure as Sosh tries to find Suki.  They do end up happily ever after, so you won’t get any upset children at the end, and it also teaches lessons about perseverance, friendship and how change can be a good thing.



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