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Undercover in an ice cream factory. What could go wrong?

April 20, 2017

I like fast paced books  such as ‘Turbo twenty-three’ by Janet Evanovich, but I think I’ve said before that they are very cookie-cutter, and I’m beginning to feel that the character Stephanie Plum needs to make a decision about her life and the two men in it. I realise that this would change the whole dynamic of the books but it’s been 23 books Ms Evanovich, surely by now she could be a bit more organised, clued in and generally ready to face her life and the choices she really does need to make. I would like to see the storyline or character move on.

These stories are fun and easy to read. I like the characters. I would have Ranger in a New York minute, commitment issues or not, and  I suspect I will keep reading them just to see how they pan out and how Ms Evanovich manages the aging of the characters, but to be honest if you’ve read one of these books they are all very similar and I think, in time, I will begin to resent the fact that the characters don’t seem to move on, grow up or mature in either their behaviour or lifestyle.

Fun, light reading if you want an hour or two of time-out.


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