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Review: I am Pilgrim

April 22, 2017

pilgrim‘I am pilgrim’, the debut by Australian author Terry Hayes got a lot of good press when it came out. I heard about it on the radio and it seemed like just the kind of book I like. My first comment is it’s long, 700 pages. That might be a bit daunting for some but not impossible. What is a little more daunting is the length of background and build up in the book.

There are two stories kinda running parallel throughout the first two sections of the book, they come together sort of at the end, but I really didn’t get a feel for this book or love it. I finished the story and went meh ok, done, but I’m not sure if I would bother to read another. Now obviously if you read online reviews for this book I am in a minority but that’s OK, I don’t mind that.

There is talk that the book will be made into a film in 2017 and I suspect it will make a great film (depending on who they get to play Pilgrim, is Tom Cruise available?). However, despite the hype, if you’ve read other books in this genre I think you might be a little disappointed by Pilgrim’s story. Then again, maybe not.




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