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Saved by a horseman…

April 27, 2017

If you’re a horsey person, “The Horseman” by Charlotte Nash may make you cry. The story is set in Australia somewhere near Wonnangatta National Park and revolves around a young woman named Dr Peta Woodward, who suffers great loss within her family. She feels she needs to ‘get away’ from everything to sort herself out, so sets out on a solo walking trip through the Aussie high-country.

Peta enjoys the sense of freedom from a demanding profession and enjoys the quiet until she injures herself.  She is rescued by a high-country horseman. During her recovery, Peta finds herself drawn into small-town life with all its intrigues, and activities. She also finds herself drawn to her rescuer, but is unable to decide what to do about it. 

You need to read it to find out what happens to the horse.



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