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Does Armageddon really have to happen?

May 29, 2017

An angel and a demon walk into a bar … no actually, but they did meet for coffee frequently.  They’d known each other since the Garden of Eden, and were happily monitoring the Earth. Until one day when Crowley (the demon formerly incarnated as the Snake) is tasked with delivering the newly ‘born’ Anti-Christ to a maternity home, to be switched out with the newborn son of an American diplomat. Only, things don’t quite go according to plan – unless it’s an ineffable plan – and the baby is mistakenly placed with an ordinary English couple who live in a small village.

This error is unbeknownst to the powers of Good and Evil, until the Anti-Christ’s 11th birthday when he is supposed to come into his powers and start Armageddon. But the American child they think is the Anti-Christ is nothing but a spoiled brat. And his gift – a Hell Hound – makes a beeline for a different child.

Crpwley is in big trouble with the higher-up.  But it’s a golden opportunity for the Angel. Who will find the Anti-Christ first?  It doesn’t really matter though, because they both want the same thing – to stop Armageddon. Because they quite like it on Earth really and they don’t want to move back to Heaven or Hell at all.

Peppered in amongst all the mayhem is a guild of Witch Hunters, a Witch, a Prophetess, the Anti-Christ’s schoolyard friends, and other assorted characters. And the Anti-Christ himself is not as expected either – it’s all a matter of Nature or Nurture really.

If you like the late Sir Terry Pratchett, then you’ll certainly like “Good Omens”.  It’s full of humour, dry wit, irony and plain fun.




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