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2017 poetry competition entry : The Fairy in our Garden

July 12, 2017

The Fairy In Our Garden

The fairy in our garden has lost her set of wings.

Our ginger cat was the culprit for that – among many other things.

The tiny hedgehog that once was cupped in the fairy’s tiny hands

has vanished too, but thanks to the help of two tiny rubber bands,

it’s been replaced by a mirror, once held by a granddaughter’s dolly.

The mirror’s propped up by a plastic sprig of last year’s Christmas holly.

Her skirt of feathers is still in style, but her hair’s lost some of its grace

(there’s a stain from the rusty tin flower clip that holds it in its place).

She sits among the potted flowers beneath a leafy tree

and when I’m watering the flowers – just between you and me –

I’m sure her Mona Lisa smirk turns to a proper smile

whenever I flick away the leaves and shower her for a while.

It washes off the dust and grime – she likes to be clean and smart.

I like to see her that way too – I think she’s won my heart!


©    Murray I. Orchard



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