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Starting over in Thunder Creek

January 9, 2018

‘You’ll think of me’ by Robin Lee Hatcher follows Brooklyn Myers, a 28 year old girl and her 10 year old daughter Alicia. Brooklyn and Alicia return to Brooklyn’s hometown of Thunder Creek, Idaho, upon finding out that her estranged husband Chad has died, and left them his old family home. Yet Thunder Creek does not hold many happy memories for Brooklyn as she had a tough childhood with an absent father.

Then there is Derek Johnson who is now Brooklyn’s neighbour and happens to be her deceased husband’s high school best friend. He had always planned on one day purchasing Chad’s old family home and then 10 acres that surrounded it. But now that Brooklyn owns it, things become complicated. But he is intrigued by Brooklyn and their friendship starts to develop.

This story follows the budding relationships between Derek, Brooklyn and Alicia and the challenges that they all have to face living in Thunder Creek. Robin Lee Hatcher is a Christian author, and although I personally am not religious, I found the story quite moving. She has a way of creating quite heart-warming stories of faith, courage and love.

I really enjoyed reading this and found that I could hardly put it down. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a book about love, trust and over-coming challenges.


Alanna Barkle


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