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Poetry competition entries 2018 : Arthritus / The Pace of Time

July 10, 2018


Like the sting of a bee its sharp pain is felt
– momentarily
It arrives unannounced – has no regard for timing
– or invitation
It doesn’t stay long – but it will return
– heartless
Its cousin is always in residence – begging for attention
– always
At times like a gentle reminder letter for an unpaid account
– subtle but burning
At times like a rap on the knuckles – over and over
– and over
Arth-wrong-us I call them both – nothing right about them
– nothing at all.

by ©Murray Orchard




“Time marches on”, I’ve heard them say
as if it moves in measured steps
Awareness of the pace of time
relies upon our consciousness
Some days slip by behind our backs
we sometimes wonder where they went
But others seem to go too slow
like dragging days with in-laws spent
When tasks need concentration tense
we cram much more into our time
So time moves faster writing this
than when you read or hear this rhyme.

by ©Murray Orchard


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