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Poetry competition entries 2018: Life alone / Passed

August 28, 2018

Life Alone


Without you life would still go on

And I may not remain alone

But no one ever could replace

That loving, caring tender face


And life could never be the same

For in my dreams I’d call your name

And hunger for the days gone by

When you were here by my side


I never could forget the way

We shared our lives from day to day

I love you more than words can say

I’ll love you till my dying day


And if I find that you have gone

I know I’ll have to carry on

But lust for life would disappear

Loneliness remain my only fear


And if I must live life alone

My memories of you will hold

More precious love than I have told

To stay with me while I grow old


© Stephen Baker-LeMay




Though some ones gone their life has passed

The meaning of that life can last

Throughout all times in different ways

They’ll stay with us throughout our days


We’ll sit around and talk and laugh

About the times of our tin bath

And memories will come flooding in

And those who’ve passed will live again


And if we’re sad and need a lift

We’ll remember funny things they did

And tell our children and theirs too

So they can share the laughs we knew


And by our telling they’ll live on

As happy thoughts in our young

Who one day needing a story to tell

Will remember something they know well


And people that they never knew

Will once again come into view

And new generations smile and laugh

About the people that have passed


© Stephen Baker-LeMay

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