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Poetry competition entry 2018: Untitled

August 28, 2018


To start this off, we are talking of a man,

Now 80 years old, his name is Sam.

From the day he was born in 1938,

His life had started with already a grim fate.

His mother, a heavy drinker and a father who died just before the war,

Abandoned, Alone and hurt at the age of four.

In and out of different homes trying to have a nights sleep,

Wondering when his 6 year old self would be abused by the next drunken creep.

Sam knew that he was different to the other kids in school,

Picked on for his clothing and behaviours, told by teachers he was a fool.

Safe to say Sam didn’t last at school long at all,

So he picked up a flagon and drank it, sat back and began to watch his problems fall.

He set of on a journey to find himself some work,

But around every turning corner, his depression would lurk.

Many times Sam found himself with his favourite loaded gun,

Until he met his soon to be wife Mary, hair pulled back tightly in a bun.

Ten years of marriage was washed down the track,

Sam opened the door to another man, with Mary’s hair down his back.

Again Sam went spiralling to that all familiar place,

His gun pulled out again, another day he can’t face.

Sams been found by the police on the side of the street,

Screaming that he wants to die, never being discreet.

Admitted into an inpatient unit, as he can take no more,

His body still feeling shaken from the all alcohol the night before.

Security trying to put him into a place he’s never before been,

Restrained, involuntary now under an Act, so on the wall he leans.

While the staff of Doctors and nurses are trying to do their best,

They learn that getting Sams trust will be their greatest test.

What they need to understand is Sam is as scared as can be,

As all the memories come flowing back to that little boy just over three.

Now in a rest home and he hates it just as much,

He tries his hardest not to be upset with the male nurses or such and such.

He feels as though is now not being heard as Sam,

Their replies are often “oh stop it you silly old man”.

His life a whirlwind from the start – we wouldn’t have any clue,

It is important to always remember what it’d be like to wear another persons shoe.


© April Brown




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