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Extinction Trials : what if dinosaurs still ruled the Earth?

September 4, 2018

S.M. Wilson has written a teen novel that seems like a blend of the Hunger Games and Jurassic Park.  In this Earth, humanity has been relegated to the over-crowded continent of Earthasia, while dinosaurs rule the other rich and luscious continent of Piloria.  Humans are in a dire situation, with resources diminishing at an alarming rate, and they cannot survive much longer.  The leadership decide to launch another expedition to the other continent, the aim being to steal certain dinosaur eggs so that the scientists can try to establish methods of wiping out the dinosaurs to allow humans to expand.

Stormchaser is an orphan, and she has a secret affinity for swimming with dinosaurs.  Lincoln wants to save his dying sister. They apply to join the expedition but only a few are selected, and competition is fierce and vicious. First they have to make it through the trials. Then, if they go to Piloria, they are risking their lives – in the past, most exploration parties have never returned – but the benefits are huge.  Plenty of sustenance, and riches beyond imagining.

I enjoyed this dystopian fantasy adventure novel, and am looking forward to the second installment. Possibly the next big thing, I suspect. Highly recommended.



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