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The Genius Files are … genius!

September 27, 2018

The Genius Files, Mission Unstoppable by  Dan Gutman

In a cross-country drive across America, Coke and Pepsi discover that they are part of a secret organisation… The Genius Files! Aided by Bones and Mya, they must stop a terrorist attack on the largest ball of twine in the World and get to the mysterious Infinity Room whilst going to strange oddball places with their parents. However, they also have to face armed dudes with bowler hats and a crazy health teacher who are all hired to kill off every member of The Genius Files by a crazy and totally insane man who tried to fix the World.  

I thought that this was a very funny and enjoyable book. It was also in my favorite genre of books as it was an adventure and mystery book. It also had a lot of crackpot places such as the Duct-Tape Museum and the Bonneville Salt Lake which is made entirely of salt! I also learned about a new place called ‘Boring’, which is a town in Oregon. I really enjoyed this book and hope others who read it do as well.  

Adam (guest)


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