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The boy behind the curtain … a national treasure

October 2, 2018

Hi, I’m Muriel Cowan and I’ve been using our library for seventy years. And so I have decided to share with you some of the books I have enjoyed; because they are entertaining, inspiring, insightful and informative.

A book that I’ve read recently that meets all the above is Tim Winton’s ‘The boy behind the curtain’.

Tim Winton is a Western Australian writer, who has an abiding love for his country, its people and the ocean.  (In 1997 he was named an Australian Living Treasure). This book is a compilation of his life story, interspersed with articles about the environment and his progress as a writer. But it’s much more than that. His skill as a writer lifts his prose to the sublime. It is the beauty of his descriptions.

I found I could identify with his life experiences. There seems to be parallels with Kiwi kids of the era. And then there are quirky observations that are pure Australian. And of course, there is his devotion to the surf. I often watch the mood and movements of the sea; but never with the single-mindedness of a surfer, waiting for a break. They seem so still with only their squinted eyes swivelling – a different state of consciousness.

For me, this is truly a top ten book of a lifetime.


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